The bay of the Somme offers a vast arrangement of parks, natural phenomena and musea. It is an unspoiled place composed of vast areas alternating between dunes, marshes and salt meadows. A perfect region for all kinds of recreation.

Hiking in nature & walks through history

We provide a big amount of charted walks in and around the bay of the Somme in Dutch and French.

These maps, with some explanation, are at your disposal for free and will guide you through the beauty of the region.


Our domain has a pétanque field and equipment for your entertainment and these can be used till 10 pm.

Bois de Cise

A lot of special "Art Noveau" houses are built in these woods, next to the sea. It is worth walking through just to admire the houses or to enjoy the combination of forest and sea.


There are so many beautiful beaches to admire the white, high reaching cliffs. For your convenience we list some of our favorites:

  • Bois de Cise

  • Ault

  • Mers-les-Bains

Golf Course de Saint Saens

This golf course, with its many hills and beautiful nature, offers you a chance to up your game or just to relax by playing a round of golf.

Le Hourdel

This nature-maritime area offers the singular chance of spotting seals, with an almost-certainty of sighting in the colder months of the year.

Hiking across the bay

A guided tour to walk across the bay is a very interesting and refreshing way to spend your day. Get information over life in the bay and enjoy the marvelous views.

and many more.

The Marquenterre

This ornithological park is home to more than 350 bird species and stretches over 3000 hectares. The 6km of hiking trails, observation posts and base offer a unique opportunity to spot rare birds or just enjoy the quiet of the sea and dunes.

Les Hortillonnages

These city gardens in Amiens can only be accessed via the countless canals flowing though them. Enjoy some time in man-propelled boats during the guided tour in this swamp. Combine your excursion with visiting Amiens and the beautiful history it has to offer.

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